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I've won numerous Championships throughout my racing career and this NMCA WEST is very special to me. Year 2014, we finished second, less than a round from the top spot. Steve Cox Racing Team put winning the 2015 NMCA West Nostalgia Street Car Championship at the top of the list. My parents, Lloyd and Carol Cox, taught me to never give up on your dreams and to be successful, you have to put your right foot forward, work hard, Focus, Appreciate those that love and support your dreams. We as racers, have a tendency to over think too many things, so I cut down on some stuff. I decided to do things with a simpler approach and Not over think things. I spent every race day concentrating on three items: Qualifying well, cut a decent light, and run as close as possible to my index.

Starting the season with a runner up finish at the NMCA West 4th annual Nitto Spring Nationals at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, Ca. was great but something just didn't add up. The Camaro was consistent all weekend but slowed down in the final round. I couldn't find a problem until we made our first time run at our tracks Summit E.T. Series in April. The engine broke a rod at the 330 mark. I removed the engine and took it to my engine builder. He was able to finish our motor and run it on the dyno the week before the next NMCA WEST race.

We loaded up and headed to the 5th Annual JE Piston NMCA WEST COAST SHOOTOUT presented by Lucas Oil at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, Ca. I was a little apprehensive the first pass down the track but the engine ran great with no issues. We reached the quarter final round and was lined up next to Ron Dehoop, 2014 Champ . Ron and I always have close races, “nail bitters” my daughter, Crista, calls them. Steve Cox Racing Team turned on the win lite and headed to the semi-final. Our Calvert Racing Suspension, Triple C Agency, Fuelab, and Dustin Lee Racing Engines turned on the win lite in the final round and we left there with the points lead.

The third NMCA West event wasn't until the month of September, so we decided to compete at a Summit race in Super/Pro bracket. We had another rewarding weekend with a win in Super/Pro at Auto Club Dragway E.T.Series.

September arrived and it was time to get ready for the 4th Annual Energy Suspension NMCA WEST Street Car Nationals at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, Ca. I wanted to stay focused, knowing that I'm not going to reach the final at all the races, and work on one round at a time. Our team made it to the semi for the weekend and left for home with the points lead. October arrived and it was time to compete at our final race of the series, the NMCA WEST WORLD FINALS. My team decided to have a team dinner before the world finals and talk about how we would approach the last race of the series. The decision was made to stay focused on qualifying, reaction time and running the index. We qualified third, and quarter final round ran a 10.501 on our 10.50 index and advanced to the semis. We lost in the semis but went home with the 2015 Nostalgia Street Car Championship. Steve Cox Racing Team would like to thank NMCA for allowing us, west coast racers, to compete in a National caliber type series!,We couldn't do this without the support of our sponsor namely: Calvert Racing Suspensions; John and Debbie have been there with us for 18 years now. Thank you so much. You two are like family and the best! Triple C Agency, race car insurance. Awesome company Chris, Fuelab; they make great fuel system products and, Dustin Lee Racing Engines. A big THANK YOU to my Wife, Cecile, for everything you do from great meals, help getting me get ready for the races to your unconditional love! Crista Arebalo, daughter, you are the best crew chief. I always look forward to discussing the weather and seeing you lining me up in the water box. Kyle, thanks for everything you do and My grandkids, Caleb and Dakota, you are awesome! April and Matt, thank you for all your help and, Kevin and Brenda Cox, I really appreciate your support and assistance.

I would like to dedicate this Championship to my Dad and Mother, Lloyd and Carol Cox. You taught me so much. I love you both!!!!!!!


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