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My parents,Lloyd and Carol Cox,started racing in the early '50's at Santa Ana Drag Strip and raced at all the tracks in So-Cal.My Dad,at the time,was an engineer and purchased a new Oldsmobile every year and raced at the drags every Sunday.My Mom also raced our family car.1958 my Dad lost to a 58 Pontiac and the next car to be parked in our driveway was a 1958 black Pontiac.
Mom and Dad raced the car but the trans had issues and the dealer couldn't fix it.Time for Dad to go to night school to learn about auto trans.The Pontiac was in the garage with the valve body out and Dad was modifying it and making his own trans kit.Wow the trans quit breaking and my parents won alot of races and set records.
Dad use to go to the SCTA events at El Mirage dry lakes,on occasion, and run our 58 Pontiac and a friends car.My Mom was not allowed to run the car at El mirage soooo she put on a pair of coveralls and her helmet and made a run.Well an interesting thing happened on this run,she got a flat front tire at 100 mph,fast for the time era,and she brought the car to a safe stop.Upon arrival of the safety crew they ask:"Sir are you all right" and my Mom got out of the car and took her helmet off and shook her long red hair and said I'm fine,now do I get to make runs here since I just proved I can DRIVE!
1961 Dad sold the 58 and bought a new 61 Pontiac Ventura with a 389,Tri-Power carbs and Automatic trans.My Mom and Dad were very successful with the car and then Dad updated the engine to a 368 H.P.factory combination.Mom raced the car exclusively.
  Dad went to work for Mickey Thompson.He worked with Hayden Proffitt,61-62,and they built some AWESOME race cars.Record runs and many win lights and National wins were the norm for my parents during this time era.
NHRA did not allow women to race at indy in 1961.They wanted to race at Indy so we freshened everthing in our 61 and flat towed our 61 behind a friends 61 Pontiac.Dad built their motor,389 with a two barrel carb.Dad won with our car and our friend won with their Pontiac.Mom and Dad DROVE our 61 all the way back home with the trunk full with spare trans,all the awards and tools.
Mom was very upset she couldn't race at Indy so she wrote every newspaper,NHRA, and local tv and put so much pressure on NHRA that women were allowed to compete at Indy and all National events.
1962 Indy Nationals,both my parents raced and won,as pictured, in their class.I believe they were the FIRST Husband and Wife Team to win Indy! Dad sold our 61 after setting another record and winning class at the 63 Winter Nationals at Pomona.
Myself and my sister grew up at the drag strip and I feel so lucky to have experienced all this with my parents.
I owe everything I've learned and accomplished to Mom and Dad.Hopefully family tradition will continue with my daughter and grand children. 

Mom and Dad finally get their well deserved recognition for being the first Husband and Wife to win the U.S.Nationals!I'm so PROUD of my parents and Family legacy.A Big THANK YOU to Richard Kratz and DRO.